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Announcement of Establishment of Morooka Europe GmbH

We, Morooka Co., Ltd, hereby welcome our 62nd year since the foundation in 1958.I would like to appreciate our long-standing and supportive customers, distributors, suppliers and other stakeholders.Morooka started as a construction contractor in 1958, but soon became a machine manufacturer specialized in construction, agriculture and environmental fields.We aim not only at domestic market but also work on establishing  “Morooka” as a world-wide brand.Today, our products are spread all over the world and contribute to global environmental improvements.60 years and going forward, we promise to manufacture “innovative and high-quality products with customer satisfaction,” and be a company that “opens a new frontier where no path has ever existed.”I would like to ask for your continuous support in years to come.

Message from Representative of Morooka Europe GmbH


I am very pleased to be a new representative at Morooka Europe under my dearest family’s understanding who live in both Japan and Vietnam.I also would like to express my gratitude to all the people who supported me well since I joined to Morooka. The gratitude is called KAN-SHA in Japanese and I always would like to put this word to all EU dealers and customers.Although we have only 7 people including myself  at Morooka Europe, we would like to give our continuous effort and connect it to the new development.


Thank you very much and best regards,