Largest model in MC series



     Large tub makes for easy work!!


     Largest capacity in the MC series!!




Largest capacity and suited for any job site

MC-6000 MC-6000

The largest tub grinder in MC series, the MC-6000 provides high performance with the largest capacity in the MC series. 

The MC-6000 not only gives you the benefit of a high capacity tub, but also the ability to access any job sites with Morooka’s durable rubber crawlers.


More efficiency and space

The layout of operation space was designed to work on any job site. The rubber crawlers we developed are on the undercarriage. They enable you to work with high efficiency on a muddy surface.


Easy cleaning and maintenance with a flat body



The flat body makes cleaning and maintenance just as easy as other models.

Inspection and maintenance points are intensively arranged, allowing for easy maintenance.


Dimension / Specification


Machine Weight 19,300 kg
EngineCAT C18
Tier 3, EU Stage III
Rated Output470 kW / 2,100 rpm
Piston Displacement18,100 cc
Overall Length5,900 mm
Overall Width2,950 mm
Overall Height3,080 mm
Crawler Width750 mm
Belt conveyor Width × Length800×4,000 mm
Tub Depth × Opening inside diameter1,450×2,200 mm
Travel Speed0 ~ 3 km/h
Fuel Tank Capacity470 ℓ


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