High Efficiency in motion


Morooka , with his head office in Japan, is the world wide production leader of rubber crawler carrier.
Morooka develops, produces and sells, with his factories in Japan and the U.S.A. , the largest range of rubber crawler carriers for over 60 years.
The company Morooka is represented in Europe, since April 2017, with the subsidiary Morooka Europe GmbH located in Gross-Gerau near Frankfurt. From there, the company supervises the whole European market with the dealer network. The service and the supply of spare parts in Europe are also provided from the subsidiary.

Our product range of rubber crawler carrier goes from 4 to 20 tonnes payload.
Through the usage of rubber track, Morooka ensures low ground pressure, great handling and excellent traction on difficult terrain.
Morooka carriers are used in a variety of enviroments and suits especially in ecological sensible areas.
The hydrostatic transmission makes an economical usage by full power possible.
Through the usage of a slewing ring between the upper and lower part, it is possible to have a 360°rotation of the upper body (cabin and dump bucket). This concept guarantees the work to be effective as well as ground friendly

Made in Japan Morooka

Long history - long experience

Morooka has more than 60 years of experience in making of rubber crawler carrier.

Wide range of applications

Our machines can be used in almost any type of enviroment (Steep, Mountainy, Wet, Soft, Normal ground) but mainly where low ground pressure is needed. Our machines have a broad range of application like earthmoving, riverside construction, sports field construction, pipeline construction, driling, forestery, gardening, peat moss etc.

Low ground pressure

All our machines have low ground pressure. In fact the ground pressure in kg/cm² of our machines is lower than the one of an adult human staying on one foot. Thanks to that our machines are gentle to the ground.