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Announcement of Establishment of Morooka Europe GmbH

Morooka Co.,Ltd
Masami Morooka

We, Morooka, celebrated our 60 year anniversary in March, 2018.

I would like to appreciate our long-standing and supportive customers, distributors, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Morooka started as a construction contractor in 1958, but soon became a machine manufacturer specialized in construction, agriculture and environmental fields.

We aim not only at domestic market but also work on establishing  “Morooka” as a world-wide brand.

Today, our products are spread all over the world and contribute to global environmental improvements.

60 years and going forward, we promise to manufacture “innovative and high-quality products with customer satisfaction,” and be a company that “opens a new frontier where no path has ever existed.”

Message from Representative of Morooka Europe GmbH

Managing Director
Morooka Europe GmbH
Hiroshi Mimura