Morooka Presentation


Company nameMorooka Europe GmbH
Managing DirectorHiroshi Mimura, Noboru Morooka
 OfficeIm Neugrund 14
64521 Gross-Gerau
FoundedApril, 2017
Major OperationSales and service of rubber crawler carrier with HST drive system for the field of construction, forestry, environment and agriculture.
Capital563,000 Euro


Company nameMorooka Co., Ltd
PresidentMasami Morooka
Head Office

358 Shoubeeshindenmachi, 301-0031 Ryuugasaki. Ibaraki, Japan

FoundedMarch, 1958
Major Operations

1.Manufacturing, sales and service of rubber crawler carrier with HST drive system for the field of construction, forestry, environment and agriculture
2.Lease and rental for these products
3.Import of agriculture machinery

Capital100 million yen
Sales output

Non-Consolidated 16 billion yen  ( FY ended March 31, 2021 )

Consolidated 20 billion yen 

Employees239 employees ( As of April 1, 2021)
Major Business PartnerDistributors in Japan and overseas, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Sauer-Danfoss-Daikin, Bridgestone, Fukuyama Rubber, Kubota, Mitsubishi Fuso and other companies
ISO Certification

ISO 14001:2004
Certification No.: MSA-ES-1253

ISO 9001:2008
Certification No.: MSA-QS-4212

Our Sustainable development goals

our Sustainalble development goals


Head Office

Head Office
Head Office site area 8,018m², floor area 1,253m²

Morooka Europe Office

Morooka Europe office
European Office

Japan Factory

Factory 1
Factory site area 15,219m², floor area 4,162m²
Factory 2
Solar panel on the factory
Assembly line Factory
Assembly line

Morooka America Factory

Morooka America
America Factory


March1958Established as a Construction Company
Nov 1966Established as Morooka Industry Ltd.
Aug 1971Company name change to Morooka Co.,Ltd
Aug 1975Production start and sales of hydraulic trencher, bulldozer and off road carrier
Oct 1977Start of delivery of crawler shovel and carrier to the base camp at the South Pole
Oct 1978Development of the big size carrier (500mm width) and released the new model MST-500 for ultra soft terrain
May 1986Start of supplying OEM to Komatsu
Okt 1988Opening of new branch office (Chugoku office)
March 1989Released the big size carrier MST-2200
Apr 1989Start of supplying OEM to Hitachi
May 1990Opening of Tomakomai Factory (new production point in Hokkaido)
Sep 1990Start of production and sales of farm tractor
Oct 1990Start of delivery of carrier to Ministry of Defense
Apr 1993Opening of the Kumamoto Factory in Kyushu
Oct 1994Opening of a new branch office (Tohoku office)
Apr 2000Released the wood crusher (one of the environment products)
March 2003Establishing of Morooka U.S.A. Crporation
March 2003Opening of new branch office (Hokushinetsu office)
May 2005Moving the Head office and factory to Ryugasaki
Apr 200850th years anniversary
June 2008Opening of new branch office (Kyushu office)
June 2011Emergency order for carrier received from Ministry of Defense
July 2011Opening of Morooka Development Center
July 2012Starting of production in the U.S.A.
Sep 2012Acquisition and certification of ISO14001
July 2016Establishment of Morooka America
Apr 2017Establishment of Morooka Europe GmbH